Gaining Weight


Traditionally, the best way to gain weight has been thought to be by having a very high intake of protein to maximize Protein accretion into the muscles (which are composed mainly of Proteins). In recent decades, the importance of carbohydrate and fat in gaining muscle has been demonstrated.

If you are doing resistance or strength training, you are probably looking for the best way to gain the weight through diet to improve strength, power and muscle mass.

Proteins are comprised of amino acids.. Studies have shown that in order to gain muscle mass, an increase in dietary Protein is necessary but to a certain degree, then there is a “plateau” above which, you can take more Protein but it won’t increase muscle gain it will just get burnt off as energy. So the best way to gain muscle is not to load up on tons of protein.

carbohydrates have an important role in Protein synthesis therefore on muscle gain. Studies have sown that taking a Carbohydrate drink or meal immediately after exercise as opposed to two hours later, causes greater gains in body Protein therefore supporting overall muscle gain. Making this a protein AND carbohydrate supplement or meal further increases this effect.

If you are training daily for 1.5- 2 hours then the maximum Protein intake you should consume for the best way to gain weight is 1.6grams per kilo of body weight i.e 90 kg then you would eat up to 144g of Protein per day. This should be the upper limit and still represent 15% of your energy intake from protein. If you are training less often than this then intakes of 1.2grams per kilo are sufficient for muscle gain with immediate intake of Protein and carbohydrate after training, showing the best results for weight gain.

Protein supplements may be required but in most cases this level of intake should be attainable through diet. However if it is impossible to have a source of Carbohydrate and Protein after training (e.g protein bar + carbohydrate rich bar) in a solid form then a supplement containing both Protein and Carbohydrate will help you achieve muscle gain in the long term.

The best way to gain weight is a matter of slightly increased Protein intake combined with effective timing of Protein and Carbohydrate intake.


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