Weight Loss Tips

Haven’t we all tried Quick weight loss  at some stage in our lives?

how did we go about it? most people try popular diets they see advertised, meal replacement shakes or other “quick tips”. We change what we eat drastically, follow a very low calorie diet for about 4 weeks then must of us give up after that and go back to eating as we were before.

These methods of quick weight loss unfortunately don’t address food behaviours or teach us how to incorporate healthy eating principles into our lifestyles so they are usually not sustainable for the long term.

Plus some people that are overweight have some habits that are continuing to fail them in terms of weight loss for example, skipping breakfast is one of them. As long as those habits persist it is hard to lose weight and keep it off. As I will mention, a psychologist may be the key in breaking your bad habits, or a Dietitian who is trained in counselling may be able to help as well.

So don’t listen to all the quick weight loss tips unless it is from a qualified Dietitian! Weight loss shouldn’t be quick, but gradually and sustainable . I recommend reading through this section on weight loss “scams” and popular diets and why they aren’t ideal if you want long term permanent weight loss; some diet tips and basic principles that I have found work well and a bit about weight loss options for people out there that are classified as “obese” and why this may be an option for some.