Cheap healthy recipes can be hard to find and cookbooks are often expensive to buy. The solution? Get your recipes online with “Healthy Mediterranean Cooking” by Total Body Nutrition.

An e-cookbook designed by a the managing Dietitian containing healthy recipes all under 12 grams of total fat per serve, making it an ideal resource if you are watching your weight. The cost of some recipes is included and most will have nutritional information. The recipes are mostly Mediterranean cuisine based on lean meat, vegetables, fish and pasta. Some anglo-saxon and Asian style meals are also included.

So look no further for your healthy recipes and purchase the “Healthy Mediterranean Cookbook” today so you can start cooking healthy foods tomorrow for only $30!

Additional Features: More than just a Cookbook

– 40 healthy recipes
– Nutritional Profile of the Meals including fat, carbohydrate, protein and kilojoule (Calorie) content
– Cost of the meals: Most of the meals are cheap healthy recipes that won’t break the budget
– Most meals contain “Superfoods”- foods that have been shown to have specific, measureable health benefits.
Information on each “superfood” is provided on the health benefits and uses in cooking.

Some of the Cheap healthy recipes you will find are:

– Ricotta and berry pancakes
– Capsicum and chickpea salad
– Spinach and ricotta pasta shells
– Stuffed Mushrooms
– Mediterranean Baked Fish
– Eggplant Basil Stack
– Chicken Paella
– Chicken Tikka Skewers with herbed rice
– Beef Goulash
– Tiramisu’

You might be thinking: why should I purchase a cookbook when recipes are available for free on the internet? Well most people will not go into the effort of searching for and printing 40 separate recipes. With “Healthy Mediterranean Cooking” it is all ready for you, just print it double sided (to save paper) and it is all yours ready to go!


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