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If you are looking for Dietitians in Mindarie or Nutritionists in the Mindarie area then you have come to the right place. Don’t get your weight loss advice from anyone else. Why see a Dietitian?

Dietitians and Nutritionists are qualified food and nutrition experts. Dietitians have a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Food Science and a masters/ post graduate degree in Dietetics. This is the highest qualification in the Nutrition field, allowing them to work in a variety of clinical areas and provide advice for ALL medication conditions, based on the latest evidence. See our page on the difference between Dietitians and Nutritionists for more information on this.

Total Body Nutrition has two Dietitians, both passionate about helping their clients achieve optimal health. Find out about our Dietitians and our areas of interest.

If you are looking to lose weight you might think that seeing getting information off the internet or from magazines/personal trainers is going to be helpful . You might find yourself subject to the wealth of nutrition MIS-INFORMATION out there. You wouldn’t get legal advice from someone other than a qualified lawyer, why would you do the same with an area like Nutrition, where everything thinks they are experts? see our page on why see a Dietitian for more information.

If you are like most people  ,you have tried fad diets, weight loss programs, maybe even hypnotism or other fad approaches (see Diet trap page for more information). Maybe you have spent a lot of money already on trying to lose weight. Did it work in the long term? did you change your food habits permanently?

Dietitians charge per consult , which can seem expensive but after potential Medicare and Health Fund rebates, this personalised approach would help you MORE and cost you LESS as you will learn lifelong healthy food habits. See what Services we offer and our Prices.  We also have offers, which at the moment include a free information e-nutrition and cookbook developed by Angela, the Senior Dietitian.

We are here to help you! Weight loss is complex and people often need support from their Dietitian, family and friends in order to succeed long term. But rest assured, if you see a Dietitian, you are getting the best advice possible for YOU, without the restrictive dieting and short term weight loss fixes. our focus is long term healthy eating habits. See how we approach weight loss in a healthy, sustainable way and our tips on weight loss in the relevant sections.

Nutrition myths, healthy food tips and other pages on our website.

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