Individual Nutrition Consults

What do you get at your initial consultation?

  • A detailed Diet and Lifestyle Assessment by a qualified Dietitian
  • Weight and measurements
  • Formulation of Goals and strategies to meet those lifestyle goals we’ve identified you need to make, which are practical and easy to maintain
  • A detailed meal plan with several options for each meal and snack time or 1 week structured meal plan
  • A FREE e-cookbook on request
  • Coming soon: FREE access to our members only section with detailed information on nutrition tips and information to improve your lifestyle
  • A food and exercise diary to fill in to help as to continue to help you
  • Support and motivating strategies to help you continue on your healthy eating path
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Recipes
  • Someone who cares about you and your goals

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The follow up sessions

2-4 weekly follow ups discussing topics such as

  • Reviewing meal plan and strategies
  • Exercise goals
  • Emotional/Non-hunger eating and how to eat intuitively
  • How to stay motivated, the benefits of occasional treats
  • Overcoming barriers: work, family, social occasions and still eating in a healthy manner
  • Healthy Snack options
  • Healthy options for Eating out  How to read food labels

10 week Weight Loss package

Do you want to lose weight and have the support of a Dietitian throughout 10 weeks? regular visits and contact with your Dietitian will help you stay on track and meet your goals. By committing to a program and fortnightly access to your Dietitian you are more likely to adhere to your goals and get better results.

What’s included in our 10 week weight loss package.

Individual consultations at week 0, 2, 6 and 10 (see above for description)

Food diary checks with email feedback at week 1, 4 and 8 to keep you on track between visits.

Progress chart , recipes , motivational tips

See our Prices  page for more information or contact us for a booking

Email consultations

Want a Dietitian to review your weekly meal plan and provide suggestions and goals for your to improve on for the following week? you can access email review consultations (30 minutes of Dietitians time) whereby your food diary is emailed to her and a summary email will be provided with suggestions and answering any questions you have for that week. This is also a great service if you feel you have your diet 90% right for you but just want to tweak it or get some more ideas with foods/recipes etc.

See our Prices  page for more information or contact us for a booking